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What is the cost for the TriggerTome® Procedure?


Contact a Specialist

Please call your specialist's office directly to get an exact cost.

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Most of our doctors carry a variety of insurances. Please call the Trigger Tome specialist closest to you to find out exactly what that specific office carries in insurances. Most insurance plans — even Medicare and Medicaid — cover the procedure.


Procedure Costs

Due to variations in insurance coverage, procedure cost can vary widely. In many cases, patient cost may be limited to an insurance co-pay for an office visit. Please contact your physician's office to determine specific costs.

Many of our physicians also have a cash payment option which could reduce your overall procedure cost. Again, please contact your physician for details.

Also, you may want to ask your specialist if they offer CareCredit. This option allows you to pay at lower interest rates and to pay the balance over time. Learn more at www.carecredit.com